Diode Laser Lens Assemblies News

Laser Diode
An injection laser diode (ILD), diode laser, or laser diode (LD), is a semiconductor device similar to a light-emitting diode in which a laser beam is created at the diode’s junction.  Laser diodes can directly convert electrical energy into light. Driven by voltage, the doped p-n-transition allows for recombination of an electron with a hole. Due to the […]
What Is Laser Technology
To answer the question, what is laser technology and where it can be used, it’s important to understand exactly to what the term laser refers. The term itself originated as an acronym ‘light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation’. in other words, ‘laser’ is a device that emits light through the process of optical amplification, […]
Laser Diode Collimators
Laser diode collimators are used to collimate the highly divergent beam that is emitted by a laser diode. It consists of a laser diode holder, a collimating lens holder, and a high numerical aperture (NA) collimating lens, with a focal length f. The lens is housed in a threaded receptacle that is screwed into the […]
Laser Based Therapy Continues To Show Promise
The use of medical lasers is not a new technique employed in hospitals, but there are new applications being developed with regularity that assist with drug delivery, gene therapy, nerve repair, dentistry and oncology. In 1967 a researcher in Budapest, Hungary recognized that a ruby laser could stimulate faster hair growth in mice. Since that […]
Diode Laser Lenses Used to Cut Through Metal
Cutting through metal generally requires the use of crystals for amplification or focus but a new company in Wilmington, MA called TeraDiode has developed the first metal-cutting machine that uses only laser diodes. The new machine is known as Terablade.  It is estimated to be 40% more efficient and less expensive than other industrial lasers […]
What is a Diode Laser
The diode laser is a laser where the active medium is a semiconductor similar to that found in a light-emitting diode; learn more at universeoptics.com
Veterinarians Use Laser Diode Technology
Veterinarians have been embracing laser diode technology over the past 20 years as a way to care for pets in their practices; learn more at universeoptics.com
Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy
When it comes to scientific uses, the tunable diode laser spectroscopy detects harsh gases and air pressures as well as varying temperature changes; learn more at universeoptics.com
The Multiple Uses For Laser Diodes
Not too long ago laser diodes were not only labor intensive to manufacture but they were expensive to maintain as well; learn more at universeoptics.com
How Do Laser Diodes Work?
Universe is a manufacturer of lenses for diode laser such as laser pointers, laser levels, and laser surface inspection systems; learn more at universeoptics.com
Laser Beams And Vehicle Headlamp Technology
Auto manufacturers believe that laser lights are the next logical step in car light development; learn more at universeoptics.com
Laser Diode Technology Aids Hair Removal
A laser diode is a machine comprised of miniscule diodes or semiconductors that are assembled to produce directed beams of light; learn more at universeoptics.com
Laser Diode Dental Technology
The benefit of a dental laser diode to a dental practice is that it provides comfort for the patient and offers ease and skill upgrades for the dentist; learn more at universeoptics.com
Laser Diodes Help Military
Laser diodes have a vast array of uses that are beneficial from medical uses to the armed forces; learn more at universeoptics.com
Laser Levels | Construction Lenses
The laser level is a fairly simplistic machine but it's also extremely precise; learn more at universeoptics.com
Laser Scanners Help Guide Machinery
Laser technology has been very beneficial in many different sectors in businesses and we are seeing the technology pop up in more places than ever before; learn more at universeoptics.com
Laser Technologies Detect Malaria
Researchers at Rice University have been developing a noninvasive, laser scanner vapor nanobubble technologys; learn more at universeoptics.com
The Making Of A Laser Diode
Lasers, once the realm of the scientific community, are taking on a more mainstream role in today's modern technology; learn more at universeoptics.com
Diode Laser Headlights Could Replace LED Styles
LED lights (light emitting diodes) have been used a source of light in everything from underwater swimming pool lights to automotive lighting in signals and brake lights to traffic signals; learn more at universeoptics.com
Diode Laser Lenses
Advances in diode laser lenses may have made it possible to produce enough light for a projector in a small device like a mobile phone; learn more at universeoptics.com
Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy
Measuring gaseous substances through the use of a laser is called tunable diode laser spectroscopy; learn more at universeoptics.com
Diode Lasers Aid Surgery | Optical Lenses
Universe Optics provides lenses for diode laser custom assemblies and produce laser lens assemblies in standard combinations of focal lengths, wavelengths and barrel styles; learn more at universeoptics.com
Diode Lasers Clear Spider Veins
Individuals suffering from telangiectasia (aka spider veins) leg veins may receive relief through a treatment with diode lasers; learn more at universeoptics.com
Diode Lasers Detect Environment
Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy sensor technology can be found in CD players as it helps the device translate the sound waves the CD is emitting; learn more at universeoptics.com