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What Goes Into The Making Of A Laser Diode?

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Lasers, once the realm of the scientific community, are taking on a more mainstream role in today’s modern technology. At its most basic, a laser is a stream of light created by radiation that can be manipulated through a series of lenses. A laser diode is created through the use of semiconductors that are found in light-emitting diodes; these lasers are used in applications such as medical treatments and to scan barcodes. Laser diodes are becoming more mainstream because they are efficient, inexpensive and can be incorporated into many applications.

A laser diode is made up of many components, including:

A diode is an electrical component that works by generating electrical currents that run in a single direction. The diodes have semiconductor properties and focuses electricity from a conductor and an insulator. There are some diodes that create light and this light can be manipulated through the use of various lenses and this application creates laser beams.

Because laser diodes generate heat, they need to have built in heat sinks to transfer the heat generated to a fluid for cooling. Depending on the type of heat sink system, the heat can be directed to leave the diode from the side or through the bottom of the apparatus.

Through the use of a lens, a laser diode is focused and directed in the chosen direction. A lens for a laser diode is usually adjustable so the user can modify the light’s direction, width and intensity. A laser diode will also be equipped with an external power supply to maximize the power the diode can draw from to operate at its peak capacity.

A laser diode needs drivers to let the operator choose whether there will be an adjustable diode current or a constant diode current. There are some diodes that adjust to the surrounding environment allowing for a maximum quality beam. The driver gives the operator the flexibility to manipulate the diode to achieve maximum benefit.

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