Agriculture Lenses from Universe Kogaku

Vision-based machine and robotic systems are anticipated to play a larger role in the agriculture industry in the near future. These optical-based systems, which incorporate custom designed lenses, are used to improve planting, harvesting, pest inspection, quality-control, and more. Today, machine vision systems used in agriculture help farmers maximize efficiency by understanding crop conditions through data collection and improving the speed of cultivation as well as the quality of yield. A practical example is a harvester truck equipped with an optical yield-measurement system that can collect data to help a farmer make strategic decisions based on current soil condition with respect to weeds, insects, and diseases. Other current and future, vision-based, precision agriculture applications include harvesting solutions, water well management, infrared spectroscopy and imaging analysis, remote sensing through satellite or drones, artificial horticultural lighting, high-throughput phenotyping, etc. Universe Kogaku’s expert engineers can help you identify a stock lens, or create a custom one to fit your needs. The ability to meticulously maintain quality and specifications make Universe Kogaku a leader in standard and custom design lenses for a multitude of industries. Regardless of performance or application, we are happy to provide detailed information regarding budget recommendations, design concepts, assembly timelines, environmental factors and more.

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