Machine Vision Lenses

Machine Vision Lenses & High Resolution Lens Assemblies for Universe Kogaku

Auto Assembly

Universe Kogaku manufactures custom and standard lenses for robotics and other machine vision applications. Lens assemblies for scanners, CCTV, CCD/CMOS, medical imaging, surveillance systems, and night vision systems are also available. Sensors are manufactured much the same way as memory chips or microprocessors; the main differentiator is that CCD sensors are manufactured under a proprietary process while CMOS sensors are a more innovative cycle for manufactures. Specialists in the machine-visioning realm remain divided on which type of image sensor is best suited for the myriad applications that are available. CCDs continue to maintain an advantage over CMOS sensors although the advantages and benefits are shrinking; both sensors provide viable options in the marketplace of machine-visioning. In the machine-visioning world, the evolution of and the uses for CCD and CMOS technologies is a debate that continues. Contact our application engineers for custom lens solutions. We’ll assist you with all of your design considerations, from robotic lens design to lens assembly and overall design specifications to budgets and timetables.