With the advent of high-speed processing and packing lines in the food industry, the risk of an item being mis-labeled, along with the task of checking every single package, can, or bottle has become far more complex. The human eye simply cannot do it.

Food and beverage manufacturers continue to face challenges when it comes to the delivery of high-quality products to the consumer. Many manufacturers are reaching customers who are purchasing in-vogue products, and as a result, the manufacturers are working with thousands of different labels. Others are concerned about ensuring that bottles, cans, jugs, bags, etc., are all filled to proper levels.Machine Vision In The Food Industry

Machine vision benefits the food & beverage industry by enhancing manufacturing quality and performance requirements. Machine vision is vital when it comes to verifying assembly and tracking, packaging, labeling, eradicating defects, and capturing essential data at every stage of the process.

Technology has played a large part in keeping up with the demands within the food and beverage industry. Manufacturers of the packaging equipment themselves, are able to calibrate high end automated machinery that fill and seal a variety of products into a wide array of packages such as:

  • Case Completeness
  • Bottle Type Verification
  • Sticker Verification
  • Stamp and Sealant Inspection
  • Bottle Seal Finish Inspection
  • Cork Inspection
  • Pallet ID System
  • Lid Verification System
  • Label Inspection and Placement
  • QR Code Inspection
  • Barcode Inspection
  • Bottle Inspection
  • Fill-level Inspection
  • Cap Seal Inspection
  • Plastic Inspection
  • Label GCAS Verification
  • Case Text Verification
  • Case Label Inspection System

The use of camera-based inspection devices is incorporated not only for product inspection, avoiding faulty packaging via cap inspection, ensuring seals are properly placed, etc., but they also work to verify the information printed on the packaging – barcode, batch code, label verification, expiry date – are all correct.

Therefore, it’s essential that the machine vision system employed is ‘seeing’ the items properly. It would be a huge waste if a bottle of soda reached the supermarket shelf with the incorrect batch code, or half full. The entire batch lot would be re-called if this happened.

Since accuracy is the key, it’s imperative that the lens built into any machine vision system is of the highest quality and will send back accurate readings. To that end, purchasing a precision lens from us is the right choice. We stock a wide variety of lenses, and if we don’t have one that meets your exact specifications, our team of engineers, along with our manufacturing department will craft one exactly as required.