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Hi-Resolution Lenses: The Ideal Choice for Demanding Applications


Universe Kogaku is a renowned manufacturer of optical lenses and lens assemblies for various applications, including machine vision, instrumentation, inspection, forensic investigation and Infra-red imaging applications and other critical systems. Among their product lines, the hi-resolution lenses are designed to meet the needs of the [...]

Hi-Resolution Lenses: The Ideal Choice for Demanding Applications2023-08-02T16:16:25-04:00

Optical Lens Solutions


The Importance of Optical Lens Solutions for Industrial, Medical, High Tech, and Electronic Applications Universe Kogaku specializes in designing and manufacture of optical lenses for a wide range of applications, including industrial, medical, high tech, and electronic industries. Our expertise in producing standard and custom [...]

Optical Lens Solutions2023-08-02T16:12:55-04:00

What Lenses are Used for Airport Equipment and Machines?


Going through airport security is not something that anyone enjoys. The long lines and anxiety over a potentially misplaced bottle of water are enough to make many people dread flying. […]

What Lenses are Used for Airport Equipment and Machines?2023-08-02T16:11:24-04:00

Common Lenses Used In Atmospheric Monitoring


Atmospheric monitoring is an essential component of modern environmental science. Monitoring the atmosphere provides information on the composition and characteristics of the air we breathe, and can help to identify trends and changes in atmospheric conditions. In order to collect accurate data, a range of [...]

Common Lenses Used In Atmospheric Monitoring2023-08-02T16:09:01-04:00

Lenses For Mail Scanners & Sorting Machines


If you’ve ever seen a mailroom in action, it may seem like a miracle that anything gets delivered on time. The sheer volume of packages that the U.S. Postal Service and other shipping handlers must deal with is staggering. Not to mention the frequent occurrences [...]

Lenses For Mail Scanners & Sorting Machines2023-08-02T16:03:43-04:00

How Businesses Use Lenses In ATM Systems


Like most regular cameras, ATMs capture everything in front of them during ATM transactions. The cameras store all recorded pictures or videos on the ATM, and most also transmit the information to centralized cloud storage servers. […]

How Businesses Use Lenses In ATM Systems2023-08-02T15:57:36-04:00

Lenses for Aviation And Aerospace


An extensive range of optical components provides significant benefits in harsh aerospace, industrial, and military applications because of their high resistance to vibration, shock, temperature, and water ingress. However, the ability of lenses to survive and maintain a high level of picture quality while retaining [...]

Lenses for Aviation And Aerospace2023-08-02T15:51:10-04:00
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