Custom Lens Design

Custom Lens Design Benefits


Custom lens design is a process that involves the design and creation of optical components and systems that are tailored to specific requirements and applications. Opting for custom optical design has a range of benefits compared to using off-the-shelf optical components, including improved performance, increased [...]

Custom Lens Design Benefits2023-08-02T16:17:41-04:00

Optical Lens Solutions


The Importance of Optical Lens Solutions for Industrial, Medical, High Tech, and Electronic Applications Universe Kogaku specializes in designing and manufacture of optical lenses for a wide range of applications, including industrial, medical, high tech, and electronic industries. Our expertise in producing standard and custom [...]

Optical Lens Solutions2023-08-02T16:12:55-04:00

Increasing Military Safety: Optics In Defense


Defense applications are more demanding than any other type. That’s why mission components require durability and stable functionality above all else. Defense professionals cannot afford mission failure, or the consequences will be substantial. Therefore, optical lenses for defense applications must adhere to strict standards to [...]

Increasing Military Safety: Optics In Defense2023-10-26T16:04:13-04:00

Drones At Work: Part 3 — Animal Population


Parts one and two of “Drones at work” discussed the use of drones in agriculture and surveying, respectively. But did you know that researchers are also using thermal sensor-equipped drones to count animal populations?  […]

Drones At Work: Part 3 — Animal Population2021-09-27T13:47:27-04:00

Time-Of-Flight Cameras


New and expanding ideas of how we look at things is growing almost at an exponential pace. Engineers, scientists and designers are always looking for ways to see things we’ve never seen before. One piece of this emerging technology is what’s known as Time-of-Flight (ToF) cameras. The easiest way of [...]

Time-Of-Flight Cameras2020-04-28T18:12:27-04:00

Earth’s Climate System


Global-scale observations of the Earth’s climate system (including temperature, precipitation, and other parameters) started in the mid-19th century. Modern observational techniques include both direct measurements at the ground and remote-sensing measurements from satellites. Ancient climates (paleoclimates) have been reconstructed as far back as hundreds of thousands of years by studying [...]

Earth’s Climate System2020-04-28T18:12:31-04:00

Gravitational Waves


The National Science Foundation’s LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) and the European-based VIRGO gravitational-wave detector have published new results from the first two observing runs. Four new black hole mergers have been announced. The LIGO and Virgo collaborations have now confidently detected gravitational waves from a total of 10 stellar-mass [...]

Gravitational Waves2024-01-16T10:46:25-05:00

Railway Imaging Systems


Rail inspection is the practice of examining rail tracks for flaws that could lead to catastrophic failures. According to the United States Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety Analysis, track defects are the second leading cause of accidents on railways in the United States. […]

Railway Imaging Systems2024-01-16T10:45:32-05:00
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