Standard And Custom Designed Microscope Objectives And Eyepieces For Microscopy

Microscope Lenses

Universe manufactures a full line of objectives and eyepieces for microscopy and other applications. 4x through 100x are in stock, as well as 60x long-working-distance objectives. They are all glass achromatic designs and can be used as fiber couplers, spatial filters, and other relay applications.

We also stock 10, 15 and 20x wide field eyepieces to fit the standard 23mm tube diameter. Some options include diopter adjustment and indicating needles. RMS thread to C-mount rings are also available for added versatility.

Applications Include: Laboratory, Research and Development Microscopes

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Part NumberFocal LengthNumerical ApertureLens ApplicationWorking DistancePower
EP-WF10X-AD25.0mmEyepiece Lens10x
MO-000430.6mm0.1Standard Objective17.6mm4x
MO-0004DIN31.0mm0.1Din Type Objective15.97mm4x
MO-0010DIN16.77mm0.25Din Type Objective4.2mm10x
MO-0020DIN8.55mm0.4Din Type Objective3.30mm20x
MO-00404.49mm0.65Standard Objective0.57mm40x
MO-0040DIN4.48mm0.65Din Type Objective0.57mm40x
MO-00602.9mm0.85Standard Objective0.18mm60x
MO-0060LWD2.86mm0.7Long Working Distance Objective1.44mm60x
MO-0100DIN1.86mm1.25Din Type Objective0.13mm100x
RS05025.81mm0.12Standard Objective17.6mm5x
RS10016.74mm0.25Standard Objective4.13mm10x
RS2008.61mm0.4Standard Objective2.21mm20x
M0-0040LWD4.39mm0.65Long Working Distance Objective.58mm40x

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