Standard And Custom High Resolution Lens Assemblies For OCR Systems, Film Scanners, Barcode Scanners, Digital Photography And Bill Counters.

Universe image and barcode scanning and optical character reading lenses are your best choice for short track length applications using both conventional and line scan sensors. Used in both stationary and hand held scanner applications, they offer flat field performance. The lenses are also suited for optical inspection and other instruments. Focal lengths from 8-112 mm and F-numbers as fast as F/2.0 are in stock now. Threaded or straight barrels allow easy mounting. Custom packaging and apertures are easily accomplished with this lens style.

Applications Include: – Hand-held image scanners, full-page image scanners, film scanners, bar code scanners, OCR systems, digital photography, bill counters, film scanners.

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Part NumberFocal LengthF/No.Sensor SizeMountDimensions (diameter x length)Attribute: Lens Application
TS-28RW28.45mm3.628.0mmStraight16.0mm x 15.9mmVisible
TSC-21RW20.57mm4.223.1mmStraight12.0mm x 12.5mmVisible
CR-8.58.50mm4.56mmM10P=0.510mm X 8.5mmVisible
DYC-1111.2mm4.511.8mmM10 P=0.510.0mm x 8.1mmVisible
TS-1212.0mm411.8mmStraight10.0mm x 12.5mmVisible
GT-12M12.5mm2.916.0mmStraight24.7mm x 31.2mmVisible
TK-1113.0mm1.16.7mmStraight15.9mm x 16.5mmVisible
UD-5613.0mm5.611.0mmM11 P=0.511.0mm x 6.0mmVisible
PL-16B15.5mm1.612.0mmStraight20.0mm x 20.0mmVisible
QJ-294RH15.18mm413.5mmM10P=0.512.0mm x 15.0mmVisible
ND-5620.5mm413.0mmStraight11.0mm x 9.2mmVisible
TSC-2121.0mm4.223.15mmStraight12.0mm x 12.5mmVisible
60B-124.0mm1.611.0mmStraight23.0mm x 21.0mmVisible
60B-1F5624.0mm5.611.0mmStraight23.0mm x 21.0mmVisible
DL-254025.0mm421.0mmM13 P=1.013.0mm x 13.0mmVisible
RE-32HW28.0mm5.626.4mmStraight16.0mm x 18.0mmVisible
TS-2828.45mm3.628.0mmStraight16.0mm x 15.9mmVisible
SL-3636.0mm330.0mmStraight16.0mm x 15.0mmVisible
MT-49S49.0mm543.3mmStraight19.0mm x 17.5mmVisible
GLS-0000353.5mm5.228.0mmStraight25.4mm x 38.1mmVisible
SL-376.0mm2.843.3mmStraight38.0mm x 58.1mmVisible

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