Standard And Custom Lens Assemblies For Medical Imaging And Diagnostic Cameras

Medical Lens Group

Universe Medical Imaging Lens assemblies include a standard offering of the most desired relay, 3 CCD relay, mounted and bare achromatic lenses. You will find the most popular combinations of F/no., focal length and back focal length available off-the-shelf, designed for use with today’s high-resolution diagnostic cameras. Universe has full design capability paired with years of manufacturing experience allowing us to produce any special lens…. in any quantity!

Applications Include: Endoscope Couplers, Fiber Scope Couplers, Diagnostic Camera Hand Pieces, And Medical X-Ray Scanning.

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Part NumberFocal LengthF/No.Sensor SizeMountIris ControlDimensions (diameter x length)
CCV-2727.0mm4.511.0mmStraightFixed Iris12.0mm x 15.0mm
CCV-3030.0mm411.0mmStraightFixed Iris12.0mm x 12.0mm
CCV-3232.0mm411.0mmStraightFixed Iris12.0mm x 10.7mm
CCV-3434.0mm411.0mmStraightFixed Iris12.0mm x 14.0mm
CCV-4040.0mm511.0mmStraightFixed Iris12.0mm x 20.5mm

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