High Resolution Lens Assemblies

High Resolution Lenses for Machine Vision, Instrumentation, Inspection and Vibration-Sensitive Applications. Standard and Custom High Res Lens Assemblies.

high_res_lens_groupDesigned for the most demanding applications, Universe's line of hi-resolution lenses are the best choice for machine vision, instrumentation, inspection, and other critical systems including space flight applications. They feature 6 -7 glass elements for great MTF, fixed irises to maintain vision system calibration, or lock-down screws for focus or iris where required. A wide range of focal lengths in 19mm barrels helps make these lenses very versatile. The optional chuck type C-mount adapter aids integration into your system. Depending on focal length these lenses can cover up 43mm diagonal sensors. All retaining rings are glue sealed to eliminate vibration loosening.

Applications Include:   Machine vision, inspection and related systems.

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High-Resolution Lens Assemblies
UKA specializes in designing and manufacturing high quality, precision lenses. We have several high-resolution lens assemblies from which you can choose depending on the specific parameters that would be the most suitable to meet the requirements with respect to image size and quality.
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High Resolution Lens Assemblies

Part NumberFocal LengthF/No.Sensor SizeMountIris ControlDimensions (diameter x length)
GA4014.26mm2.0C-mountFixed Iris
VX5606.2mm2.0C-mountFixed Iris
VX5808.0mm1.411mmC-mountFixed Iris30mm x 34mm
M-1010.0mm2.48.3mmStraightFixed Iris19.0mm x 30.5mm
KA10210.0mm2.8StraightFixed Iris19.0mm x 31mm
VX62012.5mm1.411mmC-mountFixed Iris 30mm x 27mm
AS-1515.0mm2.510.0mmStraightFixed Iris19.0mm x 34.0mm
VX66016 mm1.411mmC-mountFixed Iris30mm x 29mm
VX67016.0mm216mmC-mountFixed Iris30.0mm x 33.16mm
WM-17A17.0mm2.813.0mmStraight19.0mm x 22.2mm
C0019-D03920.0mm2.816.0mmStraightFixed Iris19.0mm x 25.4mm
NBJ-22A22.0mm2.817.0mm19mm Str. Barrel 17mm max.Fixed Iris 19mm x 28mm
21237125.0mm3.520.4mmStraightFixed Iris 19.0mm x 21.0mm
EL-1025S25.0mm0.9516.0mmStraightFixed Iris34.0mm x 35.4mm
VX75025.0mm1.416mmC-mountFixed Iris 30mm x 32mm
TOP-2929.0mm318.8mmStraightFixed Iris19.0mm x 22.0mm
TOP-295629.0mm5.618.8mmStraightFixed Iris19.0mm x 22.0mm
TP-3434.0mm3.520.0mmStraightFixed Iris19.0mm x 31.2mm
VX85035.0 mm2.216mmC-mountFixed Iris30mm x 34mm
AVR-4040.0mm3.222.0mmStraightFixed Iris19.0mm x 20.0mm
AVR-40RV40.0mm3.222.0mmCFixed Iris28.0mm x 31.9mm
NZ47046.6mm557.34mmTFixed Iris43.0mm x 83mm
EL-50S50.0mm2.843.3mmStraightFixed Iris40.0mm x 36.0mm
VX99050.0mm2.916mmC-mountFixed Iris30mm x 43mm
VX97075.03mm2.816mmC-mountFixed Iris41mm x 64.97mm