High Resolution Lens News

High-Resolution Lens Assemblies
UKA specializes in designing and manufacturing high quality, precision lenses. We have several high-resolution lens assemblies from which you can choose depending on the specific parameters that would be the most suitable to meet the requirements with respect to image size and quality.
Flight Simulation Technology Keeps Pilots Skills Fresh
Have you ever wanted to soar above the earth, but have your feet never leave the ground? If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to man an airplane, flight simulation is the technology that brings that dream to life. Pilots typically fly high above the earth, but many times a year they are […]
Night Vision Technology Makes Driving Safer
Night vision technology is nothing new, it’s been used since World War ll and is still used in modern warfare as well as in today’s automobiles. The benefits of night vision are that the military can maneuver in and monitor situations in little to no light. The technology relies on “atmospheric nightglow” which is basically […]
What's New: NZ470
What’s New: NZ470 NZ470 Lens: 47mm F/5.0  Universe Kogaku America adds to its existing line of lenses, a new 47mm F/5.0 lens for large format imaging applications. These lenses are designed for high resolution imaging with large format and linear sensor scanning and similar applications. The lenses are available in M42 T mount or M72 […]
What's New: Very High Resolution Lenses with Low Distortion
Top-29 Very High Res Lens Universe Kogaku America offers the TOP-29 lens, a very High Resolution 29MM F/3.0 lens with minimal distortion, and a flat field. These lenses are used for measurement applications, machine vision and other high performance applications. The TOP-29 lens is compatible with our SC-CM19 focusing C-Mount adaptor. Custom packaging, integrated filters […]
What's New: Universe Develops Ruggedized Lens Assemblies For Extreme Durability Requirements
Universe Develops Ruggedized Lens Assemblies For Extreme Durability Requirements Universe Kogaku (America), Inc., a leading manufacturer of lens assemblies and elements, has developed a new line of ruggedized lens assemblies for use in applications demanding extreme durability, high resolution, and field flatness. The ruggedized lens assemblies feature compact, all-aluminum barrel construction, 6 element, all-glass lens […]
Addressing Camera-Shake Issues
When shopping for a camera with anti-shake technology,look for terms or abbreviations including image stabilization or vibration reduction; learn more at universeoptics.com