ugh resigh resolution lenses for machine vision — standard and custom lens design

High Resolution Cameras Enhance Machine Vision Tasks

High Resolution Lenses for machine vision, instrumentation, inspection and vibration-sensitive applications. Standard and custom hi-res lens assemblies.

High Res Cameras

High Res Cameras

High resolution and mega pixel cameras allow for machine vision lenses to excel in production; the machine vision systems are far superior to the human eye in many areas and allow for consistency and performance.

Working in combination with CCTV cameras, product manufacturers are able to marry the technologies to enhance both the rate and accuracy of machine vision inspection. Manufacturers of the machine vision technology and high-resolution lenses are able to provide a high quality device with minimal distortion that performs at peak capacity and reliability.

The benefits of this high-resolution technology include:

  • There is less distortion in the machine vision readings
  • Provides high resolution images
  • Providing the best optical performance for short distance objects in the machine visioning arena

Incorporating the high-resolution lenses with UV sensitive and high-speed capabilities allow the machine vision lens to capture close focus objects as well as being well-suited for board and large image recognition.

Machine vision technologies are playing a larger role in industrial settings where manufacturers are seeking higher level, zero defect and high quality assurance metrics. Robot vision also plays a role in conducting completeness checks, defect detection and surface inspections.