No matter how closely an athletic trainer monitors his athlete, he cannot possibly see, with the precision and speed, what a high resolution camera can. Because of this, digital cameras with high resolution lenses and CMOS sensors allow the athletes and their trainers to scrutinize, in great detail, how the athlete is performing and how he can improve his game.Golfer In Action

In a soccer or football stadium, high speed cameras provide the spectators with slow motion replays of important plays. In a baseball game, the high speed cameras allow for slow motion capture of the speed and direction of a pitch as well as its trajectory once it hits the bat and takes flight.

High resolution cameras have long been used in the motion analysis field and provide golfers, gymnasts, runners and others with an analysis of their movements from which they can formulate ways to optimize performance. Motion analysis can help a golfer improve his swing, a baseball player improve his stance, or a runner improve her stride.

When purchasing a motion-analysis camera, you will want to look for one with:

  • High resolution
  • High frame rate
  • Easy integration into your existing cameras and into your computer

Physical and occupational therapists also find the use of these cameras beneficial when they are working with patients because it allows them to analyze where and how the patient may be putting strain on a particular area of the body and allows them ways to help with changing those motions.

UKA Optics is a manufacturer and designer of custom lenses for use in medical and motion sensitive applications.