UKA specializes in designing and manufacturing high quality, precision lenses. We have several high-resolution lens assemblies from which you can choose depending on the specific parameters that would be the most suitable to meet the requirements with respect to image size and quality.High Resolution Lens

In today’s fast paced world of technological advances, lenses must keep pace.  The trend is towards smaller pixel sizes and increased sensor resolution.  With each camera selection, correct lens selection is paramount to achieve the desired system performance. The size of the linear array sensor in the specific camera determines the minimum required image circle of the lens and the size of the sensor’s pixels will determine the optical imaging resolution.

Designed for the most demanding applications, UKA’s line of high-resolution lenses are the best choice for machine vision, instrumentation, inspection, and other critical systems including space flight applications. They feature 6 -7 glass elements for great MTF (Modulation Transfer Function), fixed irises to maintain vision system calibration, or lock-down screws for focus or iris where required. A wide range of focal lengths in 19mm barrels helps make these lenses very versatile. The optional chuck type C-mount adapter aids integration into your system. Depending on focal length these lenses can cover up 43mm diagonal sensors. All retaining rings are glue sealed to eliminate vibration loosening.

We have fourteen high-resolution lenses from which to choose. Here are the specifications on four of them:

The 212371 High Resolution Lens has a focal length of 25.0 mm. The f 3.5 with a format size (diameter) of 20.4 mm. It has a straight mount with a fixed iris.

The VX660 High-Resolution Lens has a focal length of 16 mm with an f 1.4. The format size is 11mm, designed with a C-mount, and also has a fixed iris.

The NBJ-22A High Resolution Lens has a focal length of 22.0mm, with an f 2.8 with a format size of 17.0 mm. The mounting is a 19mm. straight barrel, 17 mm. maximum.

The VX580 High Resolution Lens  has a focal length of 8.0 mm with an f 1.4. The format size is 11mm, and also comes with a C-mount and fixed iris.

All of our high-resolution lens assemblies are designed to work with machine vision systems. Machine vision simply refers to the process of equipping machines with imaging devices to allow them to perform a number of different tasks across multiple platforms.

Machine vision is used in farming to help farmers predict crop yield; it’s used in manufacturing to ensure that products are coming off assembly lines adhering to rigid criteria set forth within different manufacturing platforms. Machine vision is also being found in more surveillance type of disciplines around the globe and in everyday places like the supermarket as groceries are scanned.