High Res Lens

High Resolution Lenses for machine vision, instrumentation, inspection and vibration-sensitive applications.

Designed for the most demanding applications, Universe’s line of hi-resolution lenses are the best choice for machine vision, instrumentation, inspection, and other critical systems including space flight applications.
They feature 6 -7 glass elements for great MTF, fixed irises to maintain vision system calibration, or lock-down screws for focus or iris where required.

A wide range of focal lengths in 19mm barrels helps make these lenses very versatile.
The optional chuck type C-mount adapter aids integration into your system.
Depending on focal length these lenses can cover up 43mm diagonal sensors.
All retaining rings are glue sealed to eliminate vibration loosening.

Hi-Resolution Lenses: The Ideal Choice for Demanding Applications


Universe Kogaku is a renowned manufacturer of optical lenses and lens assemblies for various applications, including machine vision, instrumentation, inspection, forensic investigation and Infra-red imaging applications and other critical systems. Among their product lines, the hi-resolution lenses are designed to meet the needs of the [...]

Hi-Resolution Lenses: The Ideal Choice for Demanding Applications2023-10-26T15:58:51-04:00

Air Quality Monitoring Systems


Poor air quality is a tell-tale sign of the widespread air pollution that has blanketed our country for several years. With rising concerns about air pollution, federal authorities are now turning to science and technology to develop advanced air quality monitoring systems. [...]

Air Quality Monitoring Systems2021-06-21T13:36:37-04:00

The Hidden Potentials Of Earth Imaging


Observing Earth’s momentous events from the comfort of our bedrooms is no longer a pipe dream in this day and age. Whenever there is a peculiar phenomenon in the sky, people can witness it on their mobile device — all thanks to all the advancements [...]

The Hidden Potentials Of Earth Imaging2023-10-24T14:31:15-04:00

Global High-Resolution Atmospheric Forecasting System


On January 11th, IBM announced that they will soon be introducing the world’s highest-resolution global weather forecasting model later in 2019. Known as the IBM Global High-Resolution Atmospheric Forecasting System (GRAF), the model will be the first of its kind with hourly-updating capabilities, with the ability to predict something as [...]

Global High-Resolution Atmospheric Forecasting System2020-04-28T18:12:33-04:00

Robotic Surgery


From prostate surgery to gallbladder procedures to heart surgeries, robots are already mainstays in the operating room.  Robotic surgery is currently being performed using the da Vinci™ surgical system, which is a unique set of technologies that include a camera, a magnified screen, a console and specialized ‘arms’ for holding the surgical [...]

Robotic Surgery2020-04-28T18:12:37-04:00

High-Resolution Lens Assemblies


UKA specializes in designing and manufacturing high quality, precision lenses. We have several high-resolution lens assemblies from which you can choose depending on the specific parameters that would be the most suitable to meet the requirements with respect to image size and quality. [...]

High-Resolution Lens Assemblies2023-10-26T12:15:27-04:00

Hi Resolution Cameras Track Neurons In The Brain


The neurons in your brain are those fine, branching tendrils that travel great distances within the human body to form connections with target cells. Researchers have been looking for technology that can trace those connections so they can gain a better understanding of how the brain processes information. Scientists [...]

Hi Resolution Cameras Track Neurons In The Brain2020-05-01T07:49:44-04:00
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