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Addressing Camera-Shake Issues

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Photography, whether a hobby or a vocation, can be wrought with issues that need to be addressed; from lighting to ultra violet interference to composing the image to camera shake. The term “camera shake” is used to describe those images that may appear blurry and the reason could simply have been that the camera or the lens was too heavy to be held steady or it could have been caused by attempting to take photos in a shaky environment such as a vehicle or aircraft.

When working with long telephoto lenses many photographers struggle to keep the camera steady and in some situations, using a tripod or other camera stabilization device is simply not practical. Today’s camera manufacturers have incorporated anti-shake technologies into their latest DSLR camera models. Many manufacturers are embedding the technology into the camera body itself which means it will be in place regardless of the type of lens a photographer is using.

Being able to take photographs in less than ideal or less than stable conditions is addressed through the use of the anti shake technology but in some cases the technology could impair the effect of the image you’re capturing. Many photographers feel this is a small price to pay, especially in the era of digital cameras which mean they can immediately see the image and can make adjustments, if necessary, to capture another.

Cameras that continue to utilize film are typically not equipped with the anti-shake technology embedded in the body, but photographers can purchase lenses with the anti-shake technology in it. Lenses that have built-in stabilization devices are sometimes more expensive than the cameras with the device embedded.

When shopping for a camera with anti-shake technology you will want to look for terms or abbreviations including image stabilization or vibration reduction (IS or VR) as a way to tell whether the manufacturer offers it.

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