Have you ever wanted to soar above the earth, but have your feet never leave the ground? If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to man an airplane, flight simulation is the technology that brings that dream to life. Pilots typically fly high above the earth, but many times a year they are in zero altitude in full flight simulator (FFS) mode. The FFS replicates the type of aircraft the pilot flies and provides training in what mimics actual conditions.Flight Simulation

Using the FFS allows for training in a more cost effective way than if the pilots and training crew had to man actual aircraft. The FFS allows for training in various weather conditions, lets the pilot address system failures and other events that cannot be replicated in “real flight” operations.

Full flight simulators are constructed to replicate the original cockpit of various aircraft types. The FFS is mounted on a platform and can represent any altitude and motion system. The movements are realistic and the acoustics are like those during a real flight. This is possible through state-of-the-art technology.

To more fully replicate the feeling of a true flight, acceleration and G-force has to be simulated. To achieve this, the original cockpit is mounted on a platform that is then moved hydraulically.

Ground-based technology is crucial for the training of new pilots as well as keeping seasoned pilots’ skills fresh.

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