Today’s state of the art technologies allow auto manufacturers greater control over the quality standards of the automotive parts on the manufacturing line. High resolution imaging processing systems and machine vision systems are crucial to quality control processes requiring custom optical lenses to assist in the process. These inspection and visual control systems are used at car manufacturing plants and at machine shops.

The use of digital camera technology is used by auto part suppliers when they check the o-rings that are used in automatic braking systems prior to the part being shipped to the vehicle manufacturer for inclusion in the finished product. The machine vision cameras that are used to inspect the optical wheel alignment systems simplify the assembly process.Auto Parts

What can a motion vision camera, equipped with a high resolution lens, do to enhance quality control in your manufacturing processes? Here are a few ways that cameras can help:

  • They are high speed and better able to quickly notice mistakes than the human eye
  • They are more reliable because they don’t suffer fatigue the way the human eye does
  • They don’t take up a lot of space on the manufacturing floor
  • The use of motion vision cameras allows for the incorporation of shock resistant technology

Cameras in the manufacturing realm are utilized for:

  1. Identification of irregular parts
  2. Dimension measurement to assure quality fit
  3. Monitoring the actual presence of a part – to assure that no piece goes through the line without all of its components

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