An electric eye uses photodetection to determine whether something obstructs the light sensor beam. Electric eye technology is practical and straightforward.

How It Works

The electric eyes don’t take pictures or record videos; they can merely detect the presence of a light beam.  The humble garage door opener safety system is the most common example of electric eye technology.

However, using an electric eye is not limited to door safety only. You can find the technology in many other applications, such as on-premise perimeter security systems, automatic doors, and industrial machinery. Electric eyes are also central to the industrial use of machine vision for multiple purposes.

Improving Garage Door Safety With Electric Eyes.

Electric eyes can help to improve the safety of garage doors. Homeowners can use the devices to detect objects in the door’s path. If an object is detected, it can stop the door before it comes into contact with it.

This feature can help to prevent severe injuries and even deaths. For example, if a child tries to run under a closing garage door, the electric eyes can detect the child and stop the door before it comes into contact with the child.Electric Eye Machine Vision

Electric Eye Tech Helps Rise Of Machine Vision

The technology and strategies for providing vision-based automatic inspection and analysis for industrial applications, such as automated inspection, process control, and robot guidance, are known as machine vision (MV). Electric eye tech is a viable way for companies to perform automated checks, giving them granular control over every aspect of production.

Electric eyes are now powering diverse applications across nearly every industry. Moreover, the hardware is fast and robust enough that a new generation of application suites is increasing thanks to the advances.

Machine vision will also increase in importance for manufacturers due to robotics. Robotic production lines and inspection devices lean heavily on electric eyes and machine vision to do their work.

Laying A Foundation For Better Security

While electric eyes may seem like something out of a science fiction movie, they are becoming an increasingly important part of security systems. We’ve seen how individuals, companies, and organizations can use them to improve their processes, whether automatically opening doors for guests, or scanning end products for defects.

With more people looking to electric eyes for better security, we can expect this technology to continue to grow in popularity.