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What is a Diode Laser?

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Diode Laser Lens Assemblies

Diode Laser Lens Assemblies

The diode laser is a laser where the active medium is a semiconductor similar to that found in a light-emitting diode. The most common type of laser diode is formed from a p-n junction and powered by injected electric current. The former devices are sometimes referred to as injection laser diodes to distinguish them from optically pumped laser diodes.

A diode laser is formed by doping a very thin layer on the surface of a crystal wafer. The crystal is doped to produce an n-type region or negative electron region and a p-type region or positive electron region. The n-type and p-type are placed one over another to produce a diode. This creates a semi conducting device.

Diode lasers are used for many different purposes including, light sources for fiber optics, rangefinders, barcode scanners, CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray players, laser printers, and many more. The diode laser has been a main stay in many of the technological advances we see today in light source and reading ability. With its unique light production and its narrow spectral properties the diode laser has many purposes and we are just now cracking the surface if its possibilities today.

Universe Kogaku laser Lens assemblies and elements are available in standard combinations of focal lengths, wavelength, and barrel styles. We offer both glass and plastic aspheric designs to fill most typical application requirements. Our collimating lenses for diode lasers are ideal for a wide variety of instrumentation and gauging applications. Cylinder and rod lenses are available for beam sharpening, astigmatism correction, and line generation with diode lasers.

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