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Tiny Diode Laser Lenses Could Turn your Phone into a Projector

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Diode Laser Lenses

Diode Laser Lenses

Pocket projectors have been a thing of science fiction for years. Being able to take your phone out of your pocket and make a 50″ projection of a movie, YouTube video or power point presentation sounds awesome! There are actually a few phones that are equipped with projectors available outside of the US. Advancements in laser diode lenses have made this feature a very enticing feature for many mobile phone manufacturers and there’s a good possibility that we will be seeing some projector phones in the US in the near future.

Although there have been phones with a projecting feature they still haven’t quite gotten it right. The reason it’s been so difficult to achieve is because projectors require a lot of light in order to produce a clear projection. This also requires a lot of power. Since mobile phones run on battery power it’s hard to produce enough light with the power limits batteries have.Technological advances in diode laser lenses may have made it possible to produce enough light for a projector in a small device like a mobile phone. Tiny diode laser lenses of today are capable of producing enough light to run a projector without sacrificing the phones battery. These lenses are quite impressive because of their extremely small size.

With the way mobile phone technology is advancing don’t be surprised if you see a projector feature on your next phone. Imagine firing up Netflix on your phone and instantly turning your wall into a 50″ movie screen. It’s a very exciting technology and with diode laser lens assemblies this may be possible very soon.

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