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Laser Diodes Help Military with Non-lethal Weapon

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Laser Diodes

Laser Diodes

One of the ways the military has discovered to both keep our own troops safe while limiting civilian casualties is with the use of non-lethal weapons. These weapons are also often used by police forces in the case of civilian riots and are designed to disarm individuals and subdue those who aren’t armed without the need of using deadly force. One of the ways to do this is with the use of The Personal Halting and Stimulations Response Rifle or PHaSR.

The PHaSR is a very unique weapon used for non-lethal purposes. The device is in the shape of a futuristic looking rifle equipped with sights and a trigger, but instead of shooting bullets the PHaSR releases a concentrated laser at the enemy. Now this might sound like its right out of a sci-fi book, but these technologies are very real and are being used today.

The PHaSR works by shooting two low-power diode-pumped lasers at the perpetrator. Now what exactly will these laser diodes do? These lasers are entirely capable of creating temporary blindness and disorientation using laser diodes that produce intense energy at close range but work great in long range situations because they won’t damage the eye. The PHaSR is designed to blind the target only temporarily in order to take control of the situation.

Laser diodes have a vast array of uses that are beneficial from medical uses to the armed forces. The PHaSR is just another example of how laser diode technology can be used. Universe Kogaku manufactures laser-diode lens assemblies of all shapes and sizes. These laser-diode lenses are quality made and can be custom designed to your specs so you can be assured these lenses will do the job for whatever application needed.