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The Multiple Uses For Laser Diodes

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Laser Diodes

Laser Diodes

Not too long ago laser diodes were not only labor intensive to manufacture but they were expensive to maintain as well. Today’s lasers though come in user-friendly, single diode models and are used in so many objects throughout our daily lives that they are almost taken for granted. Consider that laser diodes are used in items from DVD players to Blu-Ray devices, e-readers and laser pointers and you will likely come in contact with them with regularity.

If you have a laser diode embedded device that has stopped working, what can you do? In some cases, the laser diodes fail (The Sony PlayStation 3 Blu-Ray had a significant failure rate). If you have laser diode devices lying around you can remove one from one device and replace it in the device in which the laser diode has failed.

Other uses for laser diodes include:

  • Removing the diode and making your own laser pointer. Depending on the strength of the diode and if you have the correct housing and driver circuit for the diode you can construct your own. You could even use a flashlight housing to make the laser pointer. These devices can cause harm if pointed at a living object.
  • If you’re looking for a fun, lively way to inject fun into a party, you can use the diode, pointed at a mirror to provide visual entertainment to a party setting (think disco ball).
  • Lasers can be used to etch leather, glass or wood and to cut paper. If you have need for a laser for one of those purposes you can take the laser diode and installed it into the empty housing of an inkjet printer or laser scanner. To make the device functional, you’d remove the scanning head and replace it with the laser diode and through the use of 3D diagrams or drawing programs, you can use the laser to etch the designs onto the materials mentioned above. Bakers who are using the lasers to etch designs into fruit or to melt and cut custom sugar crystal designs for use on cakes or other confections can also see this technology in use. The design industry uses lasers to cut fabrics for sewing patterns.

While the dismantling and rebuilding of a laser diode may not be a do-it-yourself project there are uses that can be found for a device in which the diode remains functional even though other mechanical parts may have failed.