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Laser Levels for Construction

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Laser Levels

Laser Levels

When it comes to construction, proper alignment and precision is key to building a quality structure that will withstand years of use. The best residential and commercial construction companies will make proper alignment a top priority. This procedure used to be made up of constant measurement, standard bubble levels, and constantly striking lines. This process can be very time consuming and tedious but with the proper equipment it can be a much easier, faster, and more precise.

In most construction projects today companies utilize the power of laser lens assemblies with everyday measurement and alignment. These laser tools are revolutionary in the construction field. They are easy to use and very accurate to assure a perfect measurement.

The laser lens level is a fairly simplistic machine but it’s also extremely precise. A special lens equipped with a laser light is attached to a tripod, leveled and spun to illuminate a horizontal plane. The laser beam projector employs a rotating head with a mirror for sweeping the laser beam about a vertical axis. Another moveable sensor is placed opposite the laser. The sensor then picks up the laser beam and quickly determines when you have a level plane. The laser level is most often used when building foundations or highway construction.

The special lenses used for this application come in all sizes and focal points to tailor to meet the specific needs of the project. At Universe Optics we carry both plastic and glass lenses with focal points 3.3MM to 50.0MM. Other uses for these diode laser lens assemblies include Diode-laser collimators, CD players, bar code scanners, laser pointers, positioning and measuring equipment, and laser surface inspection systems.