CCTV and Machine Vision Lens News

Using CCTV Cameras For Homeland Security
Keeping our borders secure and our national interests safe has become the focus of many news stories and is more critical now than ever before. Because of that, many government agencies and border patrol agencies have turned to CCTV (close circuit television) as a way to monitor activity. CCTV cameras and its camera management software […]
Protect Your Home With CCTV Camera Technology
When it comes to home security you want to be safe and protected. You also want to know that your home is protected when you’re away – whether at work or on a business trip. UKA Optics, is a manufacturer of custom CCTV lenses such as those you’d see in night vision systems, hi-speed imaging, […]
What's new: Universe Kogaku Re-Introduces the Right Angle CCTV Lens to Offer an Alternative to Front Surface Mirror Lenses
Universe Kogaku Re-Introduces the Right Angle CCTV Lens to Offer an Alternative to Front Surface Mirror Lenses Universe is happy to re-introduce the right-angle CCTV lens. Featuring a C-mount the lens is 6.5mm focal length F/1.4 and will cover 2/3″ format sensors. What makes this lens unique is the use of a prism for right […]
What's New: 35mm lens for 1" Format
35mm lens for 1″ Format Universe introduces a newly designed 35mm F/1.6 CCTV lens for 1″ (16mm) format sensors. These lenses are available from stock in C-mount style. The 3516UK features a macro function that will allow focus as close as 150mm. The 3516UK2 has lock down screws to maintain focus and iris positions. These […]
What's New: EL1025B
What’s New: EL1025B Bright EL1025B Lenses for Low Light Applications Universe Kogaku America offers one of the brightest lenses available on the market, with a F/0.95 aperture in a one inch format. The EL1025B is a 25mm CCTV lens with adjustable focus and iris. The hard-to-find 0.95 aperature size makes this lens ideal for low-light […]
What's New: High Resolution CCTV Lenses with Focus Lock
High Resolution Lenses with Focus Lock Universe Kogaku America adds to its existing line of High Resolution lenses with a series of CCTV lenses with locking focus, available in focal lengths from 8mm to 50 mm. These lenses are used for machine vision and are designed and constructed for rugged conditions. The VX series of […]
Weighing The Benefits Of CCTV Systems
As a way to safeguard employees and customers, many building owners are looking into the closed circuit television camera system (CCTV) technology; learn more at
CCTV Lens Assemblies for Night Vision
CCTV lens assemblies are among the most popular types of lens assemblies for night vision applications; learn more at