Security at unmanned, remote locations is critical for the owners of these sites as they need to protect their assets and the property itself. Using remote video surveillance CCTV systems allow individuals in remote locations to monitor property, infrastructure and assets when they’re not physically on site.Remote Security Monitoring

Monitoring and providing routine management from the comfort of an office can save a company money on travel and other expenses associated with sending an employee to a remote location for monitoring purposes. CCTV camera lenses with remote options improve efficiency and can reduce maintenance visits by allowing company owners to know when and why a maintenance person needs to be dispatched to a remote location.

CCTV systems have storage capabilities and camera management software that allows for facial recognition and infrared nighttime vision technologies to allow for monitoring 24/7. Designing and choosing a system that can operate in the environment you’re monitoring will require knowing the temperature, other environmental issues and whether you need a camera that can operate in conditions that may involve non-static conditions.

What can a remote CCTV camera help your organization with? Here are a few items:

  • Remotely monitor pumping substations
  • Managing multiple construction sites
  • Monitoring networks of pipelines
  • Protecting unmanned sites
  • Integration of video and control data from remote locations

Depending on the environment in which the camera will be housed, you may need to consider and integrate technologies such as discreet motion detectors and multiple power sources in the event of a loss of power from the main supply.

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