When it comes to home security you want to be safe and protected. You also want to know that your home is protected when you’re away – whether at work or on a business trip. UKA Optics, is a manufacturer of custom CCTV lenses such as those you’d see in night vision systems, hi-speed imaging, machine and robotic vision and in your home or business security cameras (closed circuit television or CCTV).CCTV digital thermostat

Manufacturers of CCTV technology make it easier for homeowners to keep an eye on the home while they are away and they can also bundle technologies to make it possible to regulate thermostats and other household items including light bulbs. The most secure way to protect your house with CCTV technology is to have it connected to the internet and your smart phone as many of the CCTV devices have apps you can download to monitor your home and raise and lower temperatures in the house.

Smart cameras as they relate to CCTV technology are exploding on the home security market and are more affordable than they’ve ever been.

Items to combine with your CCTV technology could include:

  • Motion sensor operated video recording
  • Alerts that let you know when your children arrive safely home from school
  • The ability to control and monitor the temperature in your home

You can add to the technology you have incorporated into your CCTV by adding facial recognition software, sound, video streaming and more. Determine the reason you want to have a CCTV system, talk with a supplier and make certain it meets your family’s objectives.