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Choosing The Best CCTV Camera For Your Business

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CCTV Camera

CCTV Camera

Were you aware that employee theft accounts for $8.5 billion annually and that attributes to 75% of inventory shortages in retail and warehouse locations (according to the National Restaurant Association). Because of this, business owners realize the importance of installing CCTV cameras as a way to monitor and prevent theft, especially when you consider that close to 30% of business failures are because of poor hiring practices.

There are myriad options when it comes to choosing a video surveillance system to protect your business from theft, whether from employees or customers: Here are five key considerations to buying the correct surveillance equipment for your location:

  1. Video recording
  2. Indoor or outdoor cameras and monitoring or both
  3. CCTV versus Network IP Cameras
  4. Wireless or wired cameras
  5. Hidden or visible cameras

One of the first options to consider is whether you will want the cameras visible. The advantage to a hidden camera is that the individual won’t know he is being recorded. Hidden cameras are typically more expensive than visible cameras. If you’re looking for a hidden camera for an outdoor location, they are usually embedded into an electrical box or a floodlight. Visible cameras can be disguised behind a dome as is done in many retail locations.

Wired and wireless cameras both bring with them advantages and disadvantages. A wireless camera system is easier to install, as it won’t require any wires to be run. Wireless cameras are also advantageous to business owners that own multiple locations or multiple buildings. Wireless cameras do require the need to purchase a receiver and a transmitter where a wired camera will be wired directly into the camera monitoring system.

A CCTV camera system is one that takes analog video that is sent over a video cable to a monitoring location, it means transmitting large amounts of data over the network. A network IP camera operates over a local area network (LAN) and is mini computer system that has its own Internet protocol address that can be controlled from remote locations. The video quality is typically better.

The physical location of the cameras, whether indoors or outdoors, needs to be taken into consideration before making any purchases. Outdoor cameras need to be able to withstand the elements and operate in sometimes less than ideal conditions.

CCTV camera lenses capture images, are also used in barcode scanners, in night vision systems ranging from cameras to goggles, robotic vision and more. These lens assemblies are available from Universe Optics.