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Using CCTV Video Surveillance and Pinhole Technology For Security

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CCTV And Pinhole Technology

CCTV And Pinhole Technology

The process of capturing a video image in real time is the beauty of video surveillance technology. CCTV technology is also an integral part of an integrated security system; video surveillance allows for watching the action in real time as well as capturing and recording the images for later viewing.

Whether you’re looking for a home video surveillance system or a system for your business, warehouse or parking garage, the installation of a security system provides peace of mind in knowing that you can monitor activity for safety. Surveillance is used for more than protection of property but is also used for control and security in the workplace and for the safety of visitors to your site.

CCTV cameras are classified as analog or digital. Digital CCTV cameras have a higher resolution than analog, and that may be a deciding factor in which system to purchase. Analog CCTV systems are best utilized in areas where it’s crucial to organize and have surveillance of a specified number of locations throughout the site. With either analog or digital, the images the camera captures is recorded and can be used to apprehend vandals or determine where further security is needed to prevent shoplifting, as an example.

In addition to understanding whether you will want an analog or digital system, the decision will need to be made on the physical type of the camera body and this may certainly hinge on the location of the camera itself.

Here are some of the varieties from which to choose:

  • Box cameras can be fitted into any number of camera housings and support an open frame design
  • Dome cameras are the most prevalent type and are typically used in department stores. They’re considered vandal resistant.
  • Pinhole cameras are constructed in either cylindrical or square shells and are used for indoor systems.
  • PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) motorized cameras can be controlled remotely and have a strong zoom.
  • Outdoor security cameras have night vision and are suitable for outdoor use because they are weather resistant.
  • Wireless security cameras operate on 1.2 MHz or 2.4 MHz frequencies.

Universe Optics carries specialty lenses as well, including right angle, pinhole and motor or manual zoom.