Keeping our borders secure and our national interests safe has become the focus of many news stories and is more critical now than ever before. Because of that, many government agencies and border patrol agencies have turned to CCTV (close circuit television) as a way to monitor activity.CCTV For Homeland Security

CCTV cameras and its camera management software enables users to utilize both analog and digital technologies. Many of the CCTVs integrate into existing platforms while others can be purchased as stand-alone devices that can be operated and monitored from remote locations, but all of this is in real-time.

These cameras have been installed and are being used on:

  1. Off-shore oil and missile platforms.
  2. Coast Guard and naval support vessels.
  3. Military installations around the world.

Depending on the installation platform, its exposure to the elements and shock and vibration tendencies, cameras and technology must be chosen that can withstand the environment in which the CCTV lenses are installed.

When you’re seeking solutions to border security and want to incorporate CCTV technologies into your program you will want to find solutions that have basic video analytics and people tracking software as well as access-control and perimeter and motion detection software.

Understanding the information you want to gather from the CCTV lens technology will better enable you to choose the right solution for your security needs.

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