The public may bemoan the fact of video surveillance in public areas, but the reality is that video surveillance can enhance public safety. It’s becoming more difficult for municipal governments to protect both the public and public property and installing CCTV camera technology assists with that. In fact, it is one of the most effective and efficient tools available for public safety.CCTV video monitoring surveillance

Images captured and relayed, in real time, to law enforcement officials can aid in the deployment of resources to a specific area to aid in public safety. First responders rely more and more on these resources to help them assess a potentially dangerous situation.

What can CCTV surveillance do to help ensure public safety in your region? Here are a few items to consider:

  1. This equipment can deter and reduce vandalism in densely populated or commercial areas
  2. Enhance conviction rates and reduce investigation time for vandalism and burglary cases
  3. Offer the ability to remotely monitor large public gatherings and rapidly deploy forces, if necessary
  4. Allows law enforcement officials to more quickly capture suspects whose images are captured on surveillance cameras
  5. Remotely deter incidents in high-crime, high-traffic areas through the use of high-intensity illumination systems as well as camera surveillance

Look for a surveillance system that offers video analytics, can detect gunshots, offers discreet motion detectors, can integrate with your current hardware and software and use multiple power sources to assure connectivity even in a power outage.

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