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Weighing The Benefits Of CCTV Systems

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CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems

As a way to safeguard employees and customers, many building owners are looking into the closed circuit television camera system (CCTV) technology. These CCTV systems are universally accepted as a way to transmit signals from video surveillance cameras to a computer monitoring systems. The cameras are mounted in one area and the images are viewed and monitored off site.

While the benefits of CCTV cameras are clear, we have decided to elucidate on five of the top advantages of this technology:

  • When safety is a number one priority. A CCTV camera is a great way to protect your business as well as your customers and staff. A CCTV system will protect them physically and can also help police find an assailant. Additionally, a CCTV camera system offers both clients and staff peace of mind and a feeling of security.
  • Keep track of employee activity. While you don’t want to think about it, there is a possibility of having a “bad apple” in the mix of your employees and a CCTV camera lets you monitor employee actions and make certain they are following the policies of the business.
  • A CCTV system can offer protection from lawsuits. Because you can monitor what is going on within the confines and the parking lots of your building you have an opportunity to see whether employee or client claims of on-site injuries are true or being falsified for their personal gain.
  • Prevent merchandise from “walking out the door.” A CCTV camera system can be a crime deterrent simply by your identifying that you have installed it within your store. Regardless of whether you’re using the technology at your company or your home, simply by the fact that you’re recording the activity and the perpetrator knows it, he may be deterred from committing illegal activities on your premises.
  • Track high traffic and public areas. CCTV camera technology is useful for law enforcement as a way to track potential traffic jam areas or to monitor intersections that are plagued by accidents. These cameras can also identify drivers that run red lights and can also help catch hit and run drivers. These cameras are also useful to monitor for public safety in crowded areas or those identified as having a potential for crime.

With all of these benefits, and even more, there is compelling information on the need for installing CCTV camera technology at your home or workplace.