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The Benefits of 360 Degree Cameras

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CCTV Lenses

Security personnel who need to monitor large areas of space are finding that using a 360 degree camera reduces the number of cameras needed to provide surveillance. The 360 degree cameras are being used in retail and airport security as well as in public spaces such as parking garages, parking lots, malls and train stations to name a few. With a 360 degree camera, a single camera provides continuous monitoring of an area with no moving parts which can save on maintenance costs.

On the market now are cameras that offer megapixel images in its entire range of view which enhances security. The cameras also download the information in real time to a computer monitoring station or other camera sites. Security providers don’t have to worry about replacing their entire security camera systems as there is software that can be uploaded to integrate a 360 degree camera surveillance system into existing security monitoring equipment. Facilities that use a fisheye camera to capture images can also use the 360 degree cameras which will capture and display the images using the same cameras. The original images can also remain unchanged in the event the images are called into evidence in a surveillance case.

Users of the 360 degree camera systems can choose where to mount the cameras and choose their virtual views. The virtual views provided by a 360 degree camera compares favorably with the network, analogue or HDcctv cameras already in place.

In areas of high traffic, high theft probability or those in need of a surveillance system, the addition of 360 degree cameras can make all of the difference in safety and security.