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Wireless CCTV Cameras Beneficial In Prison Settings

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CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras

Did you know that the United States incarcerates and houses more criminals than any other country in the world except China? The United States government also spends more than three times as much money to house, clothe and feed inmates than it does on crime prevention and law enforcement programs. When you take these stats into consideration, it only makes sense that prison systems need state-of-the-art security monitoring for its facilities.

In addition to on-site security, many prison systems rely on the technology of wireless CCTV surveillance cameras to monitor activity within the prisons. The benefits of these systems include:

  • The wireless option which means there is no possibility of inmates cutting the wires. Wireless technology also means a lower cost and ease of installation.
  • The CCTV cameras allow for monitoring in central locations including interview rooms, jail cells, corridors and other areas. The thoroughness with which these cameras monitor areas could mean the need for fewer on-site guards to monitor activities.
  • Infrared CCTV cameras are also beneficial in the prison setting because it can pick up movement and capture images in low light areas, a benefit at night when the lights are dimmed or turned off entirely.
  • CCTV cameras provide the ability to capture and store images and also offer higher quality images than in the past.
  • CCTV cameras heighten the safety and security of prison guards as well as inmates because they automatically record and timestamp movements within the camera range. These images can be used as photographic evidence if necessary.
  • There are also CCTV cameras that have the capability of capturing sound as well as images.
  • Motion activated CCTV cameras mean the devices are not continually capturing and taping corridors or areas that are not in use and this saves both time and manpower and also serves as an alert to a potential issue arising in a particular area of the facility.

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