Transmission Electron Microscope


TEM, or Transmission electron microscopy (also sometimes conventional transmission electron microscopy or CTEM) is a microscopy technique in which a beam of electrons is transmitted through a specimen to form an image. The specimen is most often an ultrathin section less than 100 nm thick or a suspension on a grid. An image is formed from the interaction of [...]

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Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography


A new kind of precise and non-invasive imaging called optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA) has assisted much of the recent research on the eye’s connection with Alzheimer’s. It enables physicians to see the smallest veins in the back of the eye, including the red blood cells moving through the retina.   [...]

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Four Types of Barcode Scanners


Barcode scanners are extremely simple devices that can read and output printed barcodes to a computer. Like a flatbed scanner, it consists of a light source, a lens and a light sensor translating optical impulses into electrical ones. Additionally, nearly all barcode readers contain decoder circuitry analyzing the bar code’s image data provided by the sensor [...]

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M12 Lenses


M12 Lenses, also referred to as S-Mount Lenses or Micro-Video Lenses, are board lenses used to focus an image onto a camera sensor. They are used in a variety of applications including automotive, forensics, pharmaceutical, and food inspection. These S-Mount Lenses are compact imaging lenses designed for use with many [...]

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Robotic Surgery


From prostate surgery to gallbladder procedures to heart surgeries, robots are already mainstays in the operating room.  Robotic surgery is currently being performed using the da Vinci™ surgical system, which is a unique set of technologies that include a camera, a magnified screen, a console and specialized ‘arms’ for holding the surgical [...]

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Theragnostic Radiotherapy


By using theragnostic radiotherapy, a personalized treatment plan can be tailored to both the geometric and biological attributes of a patient’s tumor. Medical imaging needs radiation therapy just as radiotherapy needs imaging. Progress in functional and molecular imaging has dramatically improved the ability to map the spatial distribution of cellular [...]

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