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Lens design and optical lenses for industrial, medical, high tech and electronic applications

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Mechanical Inspection Imaging Improves Processes


When you want to maximize the potential of mechanical inspection, consider the vast capabilities of thermal imaging. Thermal imaging is a cutting-edge technology that can help you see things otherwise hidden from view. That makes it an ideal and dependable tool for many applications, including [...]

Mechanical Inspection Imaging Improves Processes2023-10-26T16:25:56-04:00

Photoelectric Sensor Applications


In this day and age, photoelectric sensors are among the most important mechanisms behind the successful functioning of several manufacturing industries as they help manufacturers discover the presence (or lack) of objects. […]

Photoelectric Sensor Applications2021-02-11T11:39:23-05:00

Invisible Barcodes For Retailers And Manufacturers


Barcodes and barcode scanning has come a long way over the last few decades and has mainly focused on making them easier to read. To that end, there has been development and an identified need within a range of industries to create “invisible” barcodes. These invisible barcodes are created by [...]

Invisible Barcodes For Retailers And Manufacturers2020-05-03T11:58:48-04:00

Scanner Lens Technology Creates Ease


ID scanners have become regular business around the world as it speeds up customer identification, allows for traceable control solutions and all in all makes life easier. What most consumers don’t know is how much information is actually stored on these scanners! Beyond the typical information on an ID such [...]

Scanner Lens Technology Creates Ease2020-05-03T11:58:52-04:00

Portable Scanners


Smaller, portable scanners are popping up in many different areas. Some are marketed to reach the average consumer who would rather scan and digitize their personal items. Handheld image scanners are suitable for recording any kind of document, including letters, invoices, blueprints and plans. Typically, a handheld image scanner requires [...]

Portable Scanners2020-05-03T11:58:52-04:00

Using 1-D Or 2-D Barcodes


In most industries, barcodes of one type or another can be found. Barcode applications have transformed the face of manufacturing, processing, and tracking. Industries like food and beverage, retail, medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, distribution, aerospace and automotive industries, to name a few, rely on barcodes in one way or another.  They [...]

Using 1-D Or 2-D Barcodes2020-05-03T11:58:49-04:00

Barcode Reading Technology


A barcode is a machine-readable pattern that is applied to products, packages and parts. Today, they are on virtually everything, even the labels that are applied to fruits and vegetables.  They contain data used for informational and marketing purposes, as well as for tracking products throughout their lifecycle. [...]

Barcode Reading Technology2020-05-03T11:58:49-04:00

Machine Vision In The Food And Beverage Industry


With machine vision imaging, the food processing and beverage industry tests even hard-to-inspect products with absolute reliability. The result: 100% quality and ever-growing productivity. The need to manufacture products reliably, and without faults is more important than ever in the food, beverage and packaging industries. The pressure to achieve [...]

Machine Vision In The Food And Beverage Industry2023-10-26T10:49:56-04:00

Four Types of Barcode Scanners


Barcode scanners are extremely simple devices that can read and output printed barcodes to a computer. Like a flatbed scanner, it consists of a light source, a lens and a light sensor translating optical impulses into electrical ones. Additionally, nearly all barcode readers contain decoder circuitry analyzing the bar code’s image data provided by the sensor [...]

Four Types of Barcode Scanners2020-05-03T11:58:49-04:00

Infrared Lenses Aid In Scans


Just because a mystery is 4500 years old doesn’t mean it can’t be solved...” This could be the motto of the exceptional scientific mission launched October 25, 2015, under the authority of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, initiated, designed and coordinated by the Faculty of Engineering of Cairo and [...]

Infrared Lenses Aid In Scans2023-10-26T12:44:04-04:00
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