Medical Imaging Lenses and Lens Design for precision medical applications.

Medical Proton Imaging


The recent research on medical proton imaging is by and large motivated by the desire to gather information using a less invasive source such as X-rays.  With the use of a proton microscope, it is possible to image biological tissue without leaving any radiating material behind in the tissues of [...]

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Deep Learning-based Analysis


Radiological x-rays, ultrasounds and NMR’s are all forms of medical imaging that have traditionally required the flexibility of the human eye to detect anomalies within the human body. Since a computer is confused by busy backgrounds and image quality issues, it is difficult for a traditional machine vision algorithm to [...]

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Neuroimaging With Machine Learning


Studying the human mind is challenging. Currently, most human brain studies are limited to non-invasive approaches, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This limits the examination of the human brain at the cellular level, which may offer novel insights into the development and potential treatment of various neurological diseases. [...]

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MRI With Proton Beam


MR guidance is emerging as a powerful tool for real-time monitoring of radiation treatments, offering excellent soft-tissue contrast and the ability to track intra-fractional tumor motion. Hybrid devices for MR-guided photon-based radiotherapy are now in clinical use. But to date, no such combined system exists for proton therapy. [...]

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Transmission Electron Microscope


TEM, or Transmission electron microscopy (also sometimes conventional transmission electron microscopy or CTEM) is a microscopy technique in which a beam of electrons is transmitted through a specimen to form an image. The specimen is most often an ultrathin section less than 100 nm thick or a suspension on a grid. An image is formed from the interaction of [...]

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3D Medical Imaging


From the early days of CT scanners and mammography devices, medical imaging has come a long way. With 3D medical imaging, healthcare professionals can now access new resolutions, angles, and details to help them gain a better understanding of their patient, all while cutting back on the dosage of radiation [...]

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3D Medical Imaging


Conjuntos de lentes estándar y personalizados para imágenes médicas y cámaras de diagnóstico Los conjuntos de lentes de imagen médica de Universe incluyen una oferta estándar del relé más deseado, 3 relés CCD, lentes acromáticas montadas y desnudas. Encontrará las combinaciones más populares de F/no., distancia focal y distancia [...]

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Cone-beam Imaging Scanners


Cone-beam imaging CT (CBCT) scanners offer the advantages of being compact in size, less costly, and more portable than multidetector CT systems. Image quality, however, is often impacted by artifacts such as streaking or shading, associated with cone-beam effects and/or nonuniformity in image quality near the ends of the field-of-view [...]

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Cone-beam Imaging Scanners


Objetivos de microscopio diseñados a medida y estándar para microscopía Universe fabrica una línea completa de objetivos y oculares para microscopía y otras aplicaciones. 4x a 100x están en stock, así como 60x objetivos de larga distancia de trabajo. Todos son diseños acromáticos de vidrio y se pueden utilizar [...]

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