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Medical Imaging Lenses and Lens Design for precision medical applications.

Optical Tweezers


Originally called ‘single-beam gradient force trap’, optical tweezers are scientific instruments that use a highly focused laser beam to provide an attractive, or repulsive force, depending on the refractive index mismatch to physically hold and move microscopic dielectric objects similar to tweezers. Optical tweezers have [...]

Optical Tweezers2023-10-26T12:32:07-04:00

Neuroimaging And Alzheimer’s


Currently, diagnosing Alzheimer’s relies largely on documentation of any mental decline. However, when diagnosing Alzheimer’s in this way, it has already caused severe brain damage in individuals. What if we could diagnose Alzheimer’s before symptoms started? It is increasingly clear that by the time a [...]

Neuroimaging And Alzheimer’s2023-10-26T12:27:53-04:00

Retina Camera – No Dilation Required


It’s the part of the eye exam everyone hates: the pupil-dilating eye drops. Your eyes remain blurry for several hours afterwards, often making the process inconvenient for both patient and doctor. The reason for the dilation is to keep the iris from constricting, and is [...]

Retina Camera – No Dilation Required2023-10-26T12:38:15-04:00

The Endoscope Capsule – A Camera in a Pill


Pop this pill, and eight hours later, doctors can examine a high-resolution video of your intestines for tumors and other problems, thanks to a new spinning pill camera that captures images in 360 degrees. Developed by the Japanese RF System Lab, the Sayaka endoscope capsule entered the U.S. market [...]

The Endoscope Capsule – A Camera in a Pill2023-10-26T12:12:17-04:00

Scanning Fiber Endoscope


Strokes and heart attacks often strike without warning. However, a unique application of a medical camera, a scanning fiber endoscope (SFE), could one day help physicians know who is at risk for a cardiovascular event by providing a better view of potential problem areas. The scanning fiber endoscope (SFE) [...]

Scanning Fiber Endoscope2023-10-26T12:43:48-04:00

Cardiac MRI Predicts Future Heart Failure


According to research presented at the British Cardiovascular Conference in Manchester, England, the amount a heart ‘bleeds’ following a heart attack can predict the severity of future heart failure. Over 40 percent of people who suffer from a heart attack will be affected by bleeding, or bruising in the [...]

Cardiac MRI Predicts Future Heart Failure2023-10-26T15:11:13-04:00

Differentiating Skin with IR Detection


More and more biometric systems are being used for security in public places, buildings such as airports, or security-related areas like data centers. The greater the proliferation of such systems, the greater the probability of methods designed to circumvent or outwit them.  This, in turn, requires the development of [...]

Differentiating Skin with IR Detection2023-10-26T15:33:19-04:00

Prostate Cancer Surgery Aided By Light Reflectance Spectroscopy


The National Cancer Institute reports that prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, second only to skin cancer. Following lung cancer, prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in men in the United States. Light reflectance spectroscopy has been used by surgeons during prostate [...]

Prostate Cancer Surgery Aided By Light Reflectance Spectroscopy2023-10-26T12:37:15-04:00
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