Robotic Vision

Robotic Vision Using IR And QR

Think about it – talking speakers (Alexa); Vacuum Cleaners (Roomba); The Clapper (lights on, lights off) – robots are in the house. In the not so distant past, we watched and laughed as The Jetson’s invaded our living rooms with robots that did almost all of the housework. Without robotic vision, these home robots would […]

Ultraviolet Lenses

Ultraviolet Lenses

Ultraviolet lenses are used in many focusing, collimation, or laser applications that operate within the ultraviolet spectrum. They are optical lenses that consist of a single, or multiple elements that have been designed for optimal performance when used in ultraviolet light.


The Very Large Telescope

The theory of general relativity states that objects and their gravitational pull distort the spacetime around them. The phenomenon explains the gravitational lens effect, the bending of light in a lens-like shape around large galaxies and cosmic structures.

Robot Radiologist

Robot Radiologist

There’s a day looming on the horizon where machines powered by artificial intelligence (AI) will interpret even the most complex clinical images as accurately as today’s most experienced radiologists.

High-Resolution Images

High-Resolution Images From Space

In 2016, The European Space Agency’s Mars orbiter sent back the first high-resolution images of the Red Planet, and the view is incredible.



Imagine a microscopic machine that could unclog an artery to prevent a heart attack, or swim through one’s blood vessels to carry medicine to a cancerous tumor. Or, perhaps perform delicate vision-saving surgery from the inside of the eye. While these feats aren’t possible yet, researchers are designing miniature robots, or microrobots that may soon […]

3D Print Technology

3D print technology in the medical field

With each new year, 3D print technology in the medical field offers greater promise across a wide range of disciplines. While the ultimate goal of printing whole, complex organs for transplants may still be decades away, 3D printing is helping to save and improve lives in ways and places never imagined a generation ago.

UV Print

UV Print Technology

Ultra-violet printing is not a new technology. As a matter of fact, it has been utilized with great success for more than a decade in the flexographic printing industry. UV print technology offers a higher quality print as compared to water-based or solvent ink systems.

Cone-beam Imaging

Cone-beam Imaging Scanners

Cone-beam imaging CT (CBCT) scanners offer the advantages of being compact in size, less costly, and more portable than multidetector CT systems. Image quality, however, is often impacted by artifacts such as streaking or shading, associated with cone-beam effects and/or nonuniformity in image quality near the ends of the field-of-view (FOV).

Construction Drones

Construction Drones

There are drones for package delivery; drones for search and rescue; drones for surveillance; drones for photography. Now, another application has emerged, and continues to take steps getting it closer to reality: construction drones.