What is Time of Flight (ToF)?


An exceptional product or service requires an exceptional engineering solution. High-quality image lenses are used to serve a multitude of fields and industries. Lenses are necessary for optimal functioning in all industries, from security and surveillance, to the medical industry, and even agriculture. Engineers require [...]

What is Time of Flight (ToF)?2023-08-02T15:59:46-04:00

Hurricane Study And Detection


The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has the responsibility of announcing and categorizing all hurricane and cyclone activity in and around North America. This includes the expected track of the storm, the size, rainfall, storm surges and other aspects that go along with Atlantic and Pacific storm formations. These storms are [...]

Hurricane Study And Detection2020-10-19T13:16:01-04:00

3D Metrology


Not to be confused with meteorology, metrology is the science of measurement. It establishes a common understanding of units, which is crucial in linking human activities. Interesting fact – modern metrology has its roots in the French Revolution’s political motivation to standardize units in France [...]

3D Metrology2023-04-07T11:49:36-04:00

Six Tools To Best Predict And Track Storms


Earlier severe storm warnings, more detailed seasonal precipitation forecasts, and improved weather prediction capabilities are all critically important to public safety, national security, and economic growth. With improved predictability of impending severe weather, people would be able to prepare, or get out of harm’s way, could potentially improve agricultural yields, [...]

Six Tools To Best Predict And Track Storms2020-10-19T13:15:42-04:00

Tunable Lasers Provide Optical Filter Measurements


Amplifying an entire wavelength grid at one time and being able to convert it into a channeled electrical signal, regenerate it, convert it into an optical signal and eventually multiplex all of the channels into a single optical fiber is now possible with tunable lasers. A tunable transmitter provides [...]

Tunable Lasers Provide Optical Filter Measurements2024-01-29T12:38:07-05:00
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