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Bandpass Optical Filters Explained


Filters are devices that allow specific stuff to pass through them and reject or block the rest. In the context of optical communication, optical filters are used for pretty much the same thing. Optical filters promote the transmission of different wavelengths while absorbing those that [...]

Bandpass Optical Filters Explained2021-11-15T10:30:31-05:00

Tunable Lasers Provide Optical Filter Measurements


Amplifying an entire wavelength grid at one time and being able to convert it into a channeled electrical signal, regenerate it, convert it into an optical signal and eventually multiplex all of the channels into a single optical fiber is now possible with tunable lasers. A tunable transmitter provides [...]

Tunable Lasers Provide Optical Filter Measurements2024-01-29T12:38:07-05:00

What Is A Band Pass Filter?


Bottom line, a band pass filter is “an electronic circuit or device that allows signals to pass between two frequencies.” This device will be able to discriminate and separate signals of different frequencies other than those specified. Certain band pass filters will require an external source of power and it [...]

What Is A Band Pass Filter?2020-04-28T17:56:45-04:00

Optical Filters Detect Fluorescent Dyes


In the medical field, a fluorophore is a fluorescent dye that is utilized to highlight cells, proteins and tissues to enable the radiologist to be able to “read” the fluorescent label for examination by fluorescence microscopy. The dye absorbs the specific wavelength of the cell, protein or tissue, converts its [...]

Optical Filters Detect Fluorescent Dyes2020-04-28T17:56:48-04:00

Universe Designs Band-Pass Filters


There are many filters that are equipped with variable resistors that allow the effective area to be changed by the user and this eliminates the need for a complete rebuild to address varying pass-through frequencies; learn more at

Universe Designs Band-Pass Filters2023-10-26T11:42:28-04:00
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