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Tips For Using A Skylight Filter

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Skylight Filter

Skylight Filter

A skylight filter is an attachment that photographers use to filter out ultra violet light rays when snapping photos. UV light can cause film to appear as though there is a blue haze around the image and UV light also makes objects in the distance appear fuzzy and clarity of line is lost. An abundance of UV light can distort images regardless of whether you’re using film or digital cameras.

When deciding whether to use a skylight filter here are some considerations:

  • The setting in which you’re shooting should be taken into consideration. Additionally, a photographer can select the degree of UV filtration allowed by the skylight filter.
  • The type of skylight filter and its manufacturer is typically a personal preference based on the style of camera and the step rings available.
  • Checking the diameter of the lens to which the skylight filter will be attached is crucial to a proper fitting.
  • Making certain the filter fits securely is crucial because gaps in the fitting can cause UV leakage and impact the photo being taken.
  • A skylight filter is the perfect choice for screening out UV light in an average light setting. Intense UV light can be tempered through the use of haze filters. Intense UV light is typically found in areas of high altitude or in aerial photography settings. The reason for this is that UV light waves are stronger in thinner atmospheres and in areas near water or snow because they both reflect the UV rays.

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