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Uses For Infrared Lens Filters

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Infrared Lens Filters

Infrared Lens Filters

Infrared Lens filters can help to improve the quality of a photograph in a number of situations. These range from controlled environments to sporadic outdoor weather. Whatever it may be, aesthetically speaking, an IR lens filter could create an enhancement to the normal ability of that situation or environment.

For instance, in a foggy landscape, shooting photography is nearly impossible as the fog affects the clarity, contrast, and sharpness of the picture or video. Fog in general tends to flood an image with blue light, which is what an infrared filter absorbs. This makes it ideal for filming or photographic in these conditions dues to the absorption levels and ability, with an IR lens filter, to achieve the level of graphic detail you are looking for.

Other infrared lens filter uses include dark landscapes where the filter helps to differentiate the levels of black light therefore creating a image that would otherwise not be achievable. Also, aerial pictures using IR lens filters used by the military help to determine land and water topography resulting in more accurate military operations.

As science and technology advances take place, the use for IR lens filters will continue to expand. Even automation process as simple as inspecting documents can be greatly increased by the assistance of IR lens filters. The contrast in readable documents especially historical documents and criminal investigation can be utilized to determine authenticity. With endless uses to come, IR lens filters are here to help assist numerous picture and video situations.