Underwater Robots

Underwater Robots

Space is often considered the ‘final frontier’. Satellites have played a big role in the exploration of space as they send data back to scientists here on earth. However, the oceans of our home planet remain largely unexplored.  The age of underwater robots is here. Researchers have developed a kind of satellite for the oceans […]


Images From Space

Globally, the fascination with deep space began in the early 1900’s. Since them, imaging satellites are launched in an ongoing effort to see space more accurately. The images from space sent back will help researchers and scientists gain a clearer understanding of our planetary neighbors and how they affect life on earth.

X-Ray Imaging

Terahertz Imaging

Terahertz (THz) spectroscopy, and especially terahertz imaging, holds large potential in the field of nondestructive, contact-free testing. The ongoing advances in the development of THz systems, as well as the appearance of the first related commercial products, indicate that large-scale market introduction of THz systems is rapidly approaching.

Optical Beam Expander

What Is An Optical Beam Expander?

An optical beam expander (also known as a collimator or up-collimator) is a two, or more, element optical system that changes the divergence characteristics and the size of the beam.  They take a beam of light and expand its size. They are also used to reduce the beam diameter which may be useful when using acousto- […]

Robotic Appliances

Robotic Appliances Simplifying The Home

More and more robots and artificial intelligence is being seen throughout the world of technology. Alongside smartphones; fitness accessories and robotic appliances are showing up. Personal, practical and well-designed, these products bundle both robotic hardware and the ease of connected services into consumer-friendly packages for high-tech fans.

Optical Coherence Tomography

What Is Optical Coherence Tomography

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a fundamentally new type of optical imaging modality. OCT is a non-invasive imaging test that uses light waves to take high-resolution, cross-section pictures of the retina, retinal nerve fiber layer, and the optic nerve head. OCT imaging is somewhat analogous to ultrasound B mode imaging except that it uses light […]

Underwater Video Monitoring

Underwater Video Monitoring

Although it’s a relatively recent marine research tool, underwater video monitoring in marine environments is becoming more widespread as the technology improves. Since the 1950’s it’s been used to monitor marine plankton, fish behavior and freshwater biodiversity. For the most part these video systems have been operated in clear-water environments, including coastal fish cages.

High Resolution Lens

High-Resolution Lens Assemblies

UKA specializes in designing and manufacturing high quality, precision lenses. We have several high-resolution lens assemblies from which you can choose depending on the specific parameters that would be the most suitable to meet the requirements with respect to image size and quality.

Optical Beam

Optical Beam Smoke Detectors

An optical beam smoke detector is a device that uses a projected beam of light to detect smoke across large areas, typically as an indicator of fire. They are used to detect fires in buildings where standard point smoke detectors would either be uneconomical or restricted for use by the height of the building. Beam […]


Biophotonic Technology And HIV

Biophotonic technology plays a key role in providing the most effective, lowest-cost approaches for diagnosing, treating, and preventing disease and maintaining a healthy U.S. citizenry.