Tunable Lens – Changing The Way Eyes Are Viewed


Researchers have developed the first instrument that will provide a detailed image of the entire eye. Incorporating a lens that changes optical parameters in response to electric currents, the radically new technology can produce higher quality images than currently available. Combining optical coherence tomography and [...]

Tunable Lens – Changing The Way Eyes Are Viewed2024-01-29T12:38:47-05:00

Optical Tweezers


Originally called ‘single-beam gradient force trap’, optical tweezers are scientific instruments that use a highly focused laser beam to provide an attractive, or repulsive force, depending on the refractive index mismatch to physically hold and move microscopic dielectric objects similar to tweezers. Optical tweezers have [...]

Optical Tweezers2023-10-26T12:32:07-04:00

Neuroimaging And Alzheimer’s


Currently, diagnosing Alzheimer’s relies largely on documentation of any mental decline. However, when diagnosing Alzheimer’s in this way, it has already caused severe brain damage in individuals. What if we could diagnose Alzheimer’s before symptoms started? It is increasingly clear that by the time a [...]

Neuroimaging And Alzheimer’s2023-10-26T12:27:53-04:00

What Is Optical Coherence Tomography


Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a fundamentally new type of optical imaging modality. OCT is a non-invasive imaging test that uses light waves to take high-resolution, cross-section pictures of the retina, retinal nerve fiber layer, and the optic nerve head. OCT imaging is somewhat analogous [...]

What Is Optical Coherence Tomography2023-10-26T12:31:26-04:00

Imaging Single Proteins


Imaging single proteins has been a long-standing ambition for advancing various fields in natural science. For instance, structural biology, biophysics, and molecular nanotechnology. In particular, revealing the distinct conformations of an individual protein is of utmost importance.  The past 20 years have witnessed the advent [...]

Imaging Single Proteins2023-10-26T12:18:14-04:00

Laser Technology Advancements


Imagine knowing enough about Earth’s atmosphere to predict climate trends, or knowing enough about a hurricane to get the right people evacuated. Consider a time when advances in medical procedures retire the scalpel to the museum. Even in precision-manufacturing, laser technology advancements can potentially bring [...]

Laser Technology Advancements2023-10-26T12:19:37-04:00
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