How to Read Distortion Tables: Optical vs. TV Distortion


“Distortion” might be the most widely misunderstood, or misused, word when it comes to optics. Many people will use “distortion” to refer to any aberration or error in a photographed image. […]

How to Read Distortion Tables: Optical vs. TV Distortion2023-08-02T16:05:49-04:00

Lenses For Mail Scanners & Sorting Machines


If you’ve ever seen a mailroom in action, it may seem like a miracle that anything gets delivered on time. The sheer volume of packages that the U.S. Postal Service and other shipping handlers must deal with is staggering. Not to mention the frequent occurrences [...]

Lenses For Mail Scanners & Sorting Machines2023-10-26T16:22:43-04:00

What is Time of Flight (ToF)?


An exceptional product or service requires an exceptional engineering solution. High-quality image lenses are used to serve a multitude of fields and industries. Lenses are necessary for optimal functioning in all industries, from security and surveillance, to the medical industry, and even agriculture. Engineers require [...]

What is Time of Flight (ToF)?2023-08-02T15:59:46-04:00

How Businesses Use Lenses In ATM Systems


Like most regular cameras, ATMs capture everything in front of them during ATM transactions. The cameras store all recorded pictures or videos on the ATM, and most also transmit the information to centralized cloud storage servers. […]

How Businesses Use Lenses In ATM Systems2023-10-26T15:59:45-04:00

Mechanical Inspection Imaging Improves Processes


When you want to maximize the potential of mechanical inspection, consider the vast capabilities of thermal imaging. Thermal imaging is a cutting-edge technology that can help you see things otherwise hidden from view. That makes it an ideal and dependable tool for many applications, including [...]

Mechanical Inspection Imaging Improves Processes2023-10-26T16:25:56-04:00

Increasing Military Safety: Optics In Defense


Defense applications are more demanding than any other type. That’s why mission components require durability and stable functionality above all else. Defense professionals cannot afford mission failure, or the consequences will be substantial. Therefore, optical lenses for defense applications must adhere to strict standards to [...]

Increasing Military Safety: Optics In Defense2023-10-26T16:04:13-04:00

Lenses for Aviation And Aerospace


An extensive range of optical components provides significant benefits in harsh aerospace, industrial, and military applications because of their high resistance to vibration, shock, temperature, and water ingress. However, the ability of lenses to survive and maintain a high level of picture quality while retaining [...]

Lenses for Aviation And Aerospace2023-08-02T15:51:10-04:00
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