What’s New: 35mm lens for 1″ Format

35mm lens for 1″ Format Universe introduces a newly designed 35mm F/1.6 CCTV lens for 1″ (16mm) format sensors. These lenses are available from stock in C-mount style. The 3516UK features a macro function that will allow focus as close as 150mm. The 3516UK2 has lock down screws to maintain focus and iris positions. These […]

What’s New: Prototyping Mounts for Omnivision

Prototyping Mounts for Omnivision Universe Kogaku America has introduced a new line of prototyping mounts, compatible with the popular OMNIVISION line of CMOS detectors. Mounts are available for the 11.43mm X 11.43mm, 14.2mm X 14.2mm and the new 4.93mm X 4.76mm packages. With M9, M10, M12, M13 and M8 thread options in stock, these mounts […]

What’s New: C-Mount for 19mm Lenses

C-Mount for 19mm Lenses Now, a convenient way to mount our Hi-RES lenses on your C-mount camera. The new SC-CM19 holder will clamp snugly on the 19mm straight barrel and allow secure mounting with easy focus adjustment. With over fourteen individual focal lengths and assorted F/numbers in the Hi-RES lens family you are sure to […]


What’s New: Plastic Lens Mounts

Plastic Lens Mounts Universe has added a new family of plastic lens mounts in M9, M12, M13, C and CS styles. Please contact us for full drawings and specs.

What’s New: T-Mount Adapters

T-Mount Adapters Universe now stocks T mount adapters for Sony Alpha, Pentax K and Olympus cameras. These will allow the use of our popular DSLR quartz lenses on these cameras.


What’s New: New Miniature UV Quartz Lens

New Miniature UV Lens   Universe Kogaku has released our unique Miniature UV Quartz Lens. Unlike anything else on the market, this lens features 9.0mm focal length with an F/number of 2.8. More importantly, this lens is packaged in the popular M12 x 0.5 pitch threaded barrel.   Call for more details.

eL1025IR TV Lens

What’s New: EL1025B

What’s New: EL1025B Bright EL1025B Lenses for Low Light Applications Universe Kogaku America offers one of the brightest lenses available on the market, with a F/0.95 aperture in a one inch format. The EL1025B is a 25mm CCTV lens with adjustable focus and iris. The hard-to-find 0.95 aperature size makes this lens ideal for low-light […]


What’s New: EL1025IR and 2516-CIR

What’s New: EL1025IR and 2516-CIR EL1025IR and 2516-CIR: 25mm CCD Lenses   Universe Kogaku America adds to its existing line of C-mount lenses, 2 new 25mm lenses for imaging applications in the Infra-red light spectrum. Available in format coverage of up to16mm with a brightness ratio of 0.95, these lenses provide a cost effective solution […]


What’s New: High Resolution CCTV Lenses with Focus Lock

High Resolution Lenses with Focus Lock Universe Kogaku America adds to its existing line of High Resolution lenses with a series of CCTV lenses with locking focus, available in focal lengths from 8mm to 50 mm. These lenses are used for machine vision and are designed and constructed for rugged conditions. The VX series of […]


What’s New: Pinhole CCD Lens Assemblies

Pinhole CCD Lens Assemblies Minimize Space Requirements for Wide-Angle Viewing Two sub-miniature “Pinhole” CCD Lens Assemblies, minimize space requirements for wide-angle, black and white viewing in covert security and compact imagining applications. Universe provides complete value-added and custom design capabilities, including technical support, prototypes, and shorter long production runs.    Pinhole CCD Lenses Please contact […]