Ultraviolet Quartz Lenses

Ultraviolet Lenses


Ultraviolet lenses are used in many focusing, collimation, or laser applications that operate within the ultraviolet spectrum. They are optical lenses that consist of a single, or multiple elements that have been designed for optimal performance when used in ultraviolet light. […]

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Using UV Light Can Reduce Hospital-Contracted Infections


Researchers from Penn Medicine have discovered that ultraviolet (UV) robots can help to reduce the rate of common bacterial infections transmitted in hospital settings. The robots are programmed to flash UV lights into a hospital room that will lock onto the DNA of bacteria and organisms and destroy them. The [...]

Using UV Light Can Reduce Hospital-Contracted Infections2020-04-28T17:56:42-04:00

What’s New: UV8040BK2 78mm Quartz Lens


UV8040BK2  78mm F/3.8 Quartz Lens- The lenses at right are 78mm F/3.8  and feature adjustable iris and focus and a removable C-T mount adapter. The T-mount can be converted to Nikon F-mount with an accessory converter. This lens will cover 35mm film format.  View product details [...]

What’s New: UV8040BK2 78mm Quartz Lens2024-01-29T12:50:41-05:00
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