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Camera Technology And Ultraviolet Lenses

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Ultraviolet Lenses

Ultraviolet Lenses

Simply because we can’t see ultraviolet light doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Ultraviolet light is what causes sunburns and is what can make your camera and its photographs vulnerable to “fringing” on your photos. The use of a ultraviolet (UV) filter protects the camera and the filter and allows you to take photos in bright sunlight and not have the photos show any distortion.

When shopping for an ultraviolet lens or filter for your camera you will need to know the diameter of the camera lens. When purchasing UV equipment for your camera you can choose an ultraviolet filter for each of the camera lenses that you use or you can purchase a UV filter system that allows you to use any lens. A UV filter holder with interchangeable rings is ideal for photographers that use myriad filters and change them often.

Using a UV filter is as simple as screwing it onto the camera lens. It’s crucial to protect the lens from scratching, dust and moisture by not removing a filter once you pack the camera away. Even when it’s stored, it’s best to keep a filter and a lens on the camera body. Fingerprints and smudges can be wiped off the lens with a soft cloth or a camera lens brush.

Once the UV filter or lens is in place, the photographer is free to take photos as he or she normally would. He can simply rest assure that the filter will block any UV light that could potentially damage the final photographs.